New Media Impact Research

The film industry constantly has to adapt to new world ideas and technologies that will change the entire scope of where film currently is, such as the birth of  “talkies” and colored film along with moving into the age of higher resolution cameras that capture every bead of sweat and car explosion that comes across the lens. Social media’s rise in popularity globally also means a shift in industry and how they adjust to new material that exposes them to new consumers. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram now expose the film industry to a more direct customer base as many film studios and film affiliates create accounts to interact with fans. The entire process of promoting movies has changed with the times, instead of waiting to preview trailers in the movie theatre consumers can now view trailers from movies releasing almost a year from now on social media accounts.

Connections are so important in regards to expanding business and allowing your brand to be exposed to new individuals everywhere and with Face and Twitter you can now reach specific target markets and fans that would most likely enjoy the product you are advertising. With the power of social media, movie trailers such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens that received over a million views after only 23 minutes of its release on social media which created a giant hype for the movie and has become the trend for giant blockbusters in recent years. The newest items in questions in regards to releasing highly anticipated trailers for movies are The Avengers: Infinity War and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailers have given fans the option to receive a notification to the user’s phone when the trailer releases which adds a different take on movie hype.

As we move continuously on with new methods for creating a bigger movie trends, social media will be there majority of the way to help change how we market films. With the ability to reach all people across all mediums movies have to constantly adapt to changes with the times.

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